TIFF to PDF Converter

Innovative new version of TIFF to PDF files converter

The TIFF to PDF Converter converts only the TIFF images format. It is software that is used to convert the format of the images into the PDF files. It allows you to convert the entire batches that mean you can save your time and the energy as it is very fast and is considered to be standalone software on the whole. The quick and fast software is an easy to use tool which was formally designed in the interest of the cyber world. One can easily add the single image as well as the multiple TIFF images into the Convert Button. This is how you can get through the usage of the software.

The application and its thorough usage

Thus it does not require the application of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The conversion of the TIFF to the PDF utility is truly compatible in the compression of the highest resolution that is usually available in the heavy image file format. It not only lightens up the images, the scans, the graphics, stills, snapshots, drawings but also checks the prerequisites into PDF files without the specific technical efficiencies. This optimized application converts ample images and also checks them thoroughly into PDF documents. The tool is compatible with the windows version like: Windows ME, NT, 2003, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and so on. The TIFF to PDF convertor can merge multiple files keeping the original documents intact with the others.

The TIFF to PDF files supports the conversion with the entire folder facility and so on. Since it is easy to use therefore you do not need the help of any external software to convert the files. This tool is very easy to use and thus automatically opens the output folder when the conversion is already done.

The features of the TIFF to PDF files software are figured out in the following way:

  • It is much easy to handle and simple to operate.
  • Attractive GUI configuration.
  • Proficient enough to transform the numerous multi images to standard formats and so on. This includes- TIFF, TIF, PDF documents.
  • Since it is a standalone program therefore it does not require the help of other tool to access.
  • The tool is compatible with all popular Windows like the OS –XP/NT/2000/2003/Vista/7 and also Windows 8.
  • There is the availability of options that are extension with the file names and so on.
  • The tool is expert in conversion and adding prefix and suffix with a resultant name.
  • The original picture remains in the same place maintaining the realistic mode and so on.
  • The batches are supported than the TIFF files to PDF format.
  • The multiple standard formats are wonderfully carried out and placed in order same as in the original documents.

The converter of PDF and TIFF files are long in use as they have proved themselves trustworthy and easy to use tool.