PDF Security Software

PDFs are today’s go-to format. It’s free, fast and multi-platform. But with increased use of PDFs, security also becomes an issue. Sensitive information needs to be encrypted before it can be transmitted freely. There are a few methods to do this. Other than basic encryption, there are document restriction features that limit what a user can do with the file.

Secure your PDF with help of PDF Security Software

Using passwords is the most basic way of protecting your document. There are two types of passwords you can use with PDFs, and they’re document open passwords and permission passwords. Document open passwords (also called user passwords) are simply used before opening a PDF. A dialog box pops up, you type in a password, and you’re good to go. Permission passwords on the other hand, are used to change permission settings. You can have separate passwords to allow printing, editing etc. Using only the latter kind means that a user doesn’t need to know anything to simply view a file.

If you decide to use both types, then either password will open the file, but only permission passwords will allow document editing. It is advisable to use both if you want your PDF to be completely secure. On the other hand, if say you’re uploading a file online, and you want them to only read the content, permission passwords are the way to go.

One more facet to permission passwords is that the PDF cannot be opened in Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign, as these don’t have read only modes.

Other than simply setting a lock, you can also specify what sort of commands a person can give. For instance, if we talk about printing, there are three different things that you can do. The first option is to prevent anyone from printing the document. This means they won’t need any sort of a password to view it, but will need a permission password to print the document. Apart from this, you can specify what quality they can print it with.

It is also possible to restrict any changes to your document. You can choose to make it impossible to change, meaning no form fields can be filled up and no comments can be made. You can also make one or both possible.

Preventing copying the contents is also possible. This includes text, images and other graphics. You can also choose to limit the compatibility of the document to one particular version. But we would recommend you don’t do this, as it will hurt the readability and reach.

Lastly, you can also choose to encrypt metadata. Meta data is basically data about data, which includes a brief description of your document. Choosing this option will mean that search engines will not be able to access some of the contents of your document.