PDF Security Manager

Amazing Features of Advanced PDF Security Manager

PDF Security Manager is a 2-in-1 tool to add PDF encryption security and remove PDF document security as well. It is a combo pack of our two applications which are PDF Security Remover and PDF Security Software. Our motto behind this to develop a complete package that covers all PDF security needs in one software.

Benefits to create a strong encryption on PDF document:

Protecting document is more important, which means high level for security and make a document to access with some restriction, this can be done by owner or master. Remember that passwords will be affects ant ability of users to view and also open PDF file. By using encryption techniques you can easily prevent editing, printing, graphics changes and selecting text in document. Document encryption can restrict printing, editing, commenting, form filling, copy text as clipboards and this method offers great protected way to share documents. These types of files can be read through adobe acrobat reader but you have to enter password. There many encryption algorithms are available, which is highly useful to protect document. Advance encrypting algorithm is stream cipher symmetric and RC4 older algorithm. This is highly useful for both decrypt and also encrypt. Actually encryption key should be in the binary sequence and it drives with user friendly character, which means best passwords for document. Developing with acrobat PDF means stronger encryption.

Best Way to lock and unlock PDF security:

Many types of restriction removing tools are available online, which is highly helps to access PDF file quickly as well as more efficiently. This software acts as best lock and unlock PDF restrictions. By using this tool, you can easily access advance locking PDF file and this application is well supported with adobe acrobat. You can remove passwords easily by using this PDF Security manager application. The PDF password remover is highly useful to remove a known password from PDF file and it offers easily accessing. Let view benefits and feature of this application with ease.

This offers best way to add or remove user or owner passwords which means you can easily change an authority of document and it highly helps to remove passwords. This feature helps to easily access and quick open. This software support forty bit RC4 encryption and also it has ability to work with 256 bit of encryption. So here recommitted to use this password removing tool and easily access any type of restricted PDF file.

Uses of PDF Security Manager:

For adding or removing security from any of the PDF document, you just need to add all those documents on software panel and go through ‘Take Action’ button to get all your files with or without restrictions.

When PDF is encrypted with User password:

User password is the professional way for PDF security because it confines to open files without having right password. So, if PDF file is protected with User password, in that case the program prompts for entering the exact password to unlock PDF files.

When PDF is protected with Owner password:

The PDF document remains safer with the owner password so it can be accessible only by the document owner. If the PDF is protected only with owner password then the program automatically discovers and confiscates it from PDF. You do not require going through the owner password.

What unauthorized person cannot do with PDF document after adding the security?

After add the security, unauthorized persons are not able to open the document as well as unable to do any other thing with the document because it is restricted with owner password and page level restrictions including print, edit, comment, form fill, modify, etc. Now, your document is totally secure with unauthorized accesses.

What you can do with PDF document after removing the security:

Now, you can capable to open, edit, print or modify the document easily. The PDF document allows the copying of content, commenting, extracting pages, enable the document from filling, annotations as well as assemble documents.