PDF to Image Converter

Convert PDF file to Image with single click

Portable PDF documents are files, where the fonts, languages, images and the entire context remain embedded. The files are easy to read and easy to carry even. Generally the doc files get deformed, when the particular font or language is not installed on some system. The PDF file, for its portable nature, carries the font and languages or the images in an embedded form. Thus there remain no chances for the file to get deformed. There are other good sides of a PDF file too. The files are extremely supportive for users to read them online. The print configuration is absolutely not required for a PDF file, as it is already set in a letter or an A4 format. The one disadvantage that users often feel to handle a PDF file is to copy content. The content that is copied does not remain in the same format. However the pages can easily be exported in image format.

Exporting PDF pages as Image

PDF pages can be exported to image format like GIF, PNG, BMP, JPEG, or even in TIFF format. These files can easily be accessed in slides and can also be embedded in a word file. However, these features are not available in the Adobe reader. One has to download some other software for that. The supportive software list entitles Acrobat as the primary one. The only problem, one will face while using Acrobat, is the IT knowledge. Without IT knowledge, Acrobat is tough to be handled. As a substitute they can also get some light weight software, which are compatible for low configuration too. The essential features of them are as follows:

  • Fast, easy and straightforward to operate with exceptionally attractive user friendly GUI.
  • Standalone application, capable to effectively perform without any third party program.
  • Convert all pages of PDF file as well as desired pages only.
  • Supports conversion of PDF file in multiple image formats like JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF, BMP, EMF and WMF.
  • Converts batch PDF files into image format on a single click.
  • Complete package for converting PDF into images.
  • Output image can be rotated at any desired angle.
  • Easy to adjust the image color, quality, resolution, image size, page of the files converted.
  • Supports conversion of PDF in single page as well as multipage TIFF images.
  • Option to add Prefix and Suffix with resultant file name.
  • Use advanced techniques for conversion.
  • Compatible with all popular Windows OS like NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8.

Thus the software is easy to handle and is fast too, in converting the files to Image. It has the capacity to decrypt a file thoroughly to Image. Each page will be identified as separate image then. The configuration, one needs to have for running the software are also limited. So it’s easy to handle.