PDF Page Resizer

Create a new page with the wonderful specifications of the PDF page resizer

The full form of PDF is Portable Document Format. The file format is established to present the documents in a presentable format. The things get their things done in a synchronized way. The independent use of the software along with that of the hardware and the operating system has made it a perfect match officially. The distribution of the PDF files compliant the implementations further than the developments through the electronic documents.

The PDF page resize Software is especially designed to make things in a proper size and also the formatting of the documents can also be done in the way the user wants it to be. With the sure ability to realize pages as per the needs gives the page a specific page range so that it can be adjusted within the specific time. Often the digital format has been more comfortable than the growing of the digital platforms. Software can be resized into pages to an unlimited number of the PDF document files. On the basis of the predefined sizes of the paper, there are several options that range from the pages to that of its resizing of the odd numbers to the even.

The purpose of maintaining the quality

The PDF page resize software supports the batch program so that the Pdf documents can be saved for the quality purpose and also for the sake of the time. The extra feature that comes up, so that the Pdf Meta information becomes all the more user friendly is as follows:

  • Author
  • Title
  • Subject
  • Keywords

The software of the page resize is well known for the multiple options from that of resizing of the papers to that of the pdf formatting. The varied sets of options are defragmented into pages so that it provides one stop solutions to that of the problems relating to the sizing of the pages. Application runs successfully on various Windows Operating systems likely- Win7 x64, Win7 x32, Win 8, Win 2000, Win Vista, Win XP, and Win Vista x64 and so on. The tool and the software are used to create a new Adobe Acrobat Pdf files with the pages of different sizes. You can download the software or else buy it online just to experience the heavenly touch of it.

The main features that highlights the software
  • Supporting the batches of the PDF file format from that of the PDF Documents.
  • Preserving the quality while generating the PDF documents just by pertaining to the links.
  • After pertaining to the links, it becomes necessary to bookmark the annotations.
  • It is a simple and standalone software and does not require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to process itself.