PDF Merger Splitter

Experience the heavenly touch of the PDF merger and splitter software

PDF is the full form for the portable document format. It is basically used to present important documents in an organized way so that they do not get misplaced. Each and every PDF files summarize a complete portrayal of the displayed content. In the fixed layout document that includes the text graphics actually makes the information all the more informative and superb and thus is the reimbursement of the PDF files. To represent a document in a two dimensional way the format of PDF is used. The use of the application software rather than the hardware and also the Operating System thus it is widely accepted all around the globe. The popularity of the PDF formats is everywhere in the recent cyber world.

Various advanced technologies

PDF Splitter and Merger has various advanced features as well as options for the existing PDF documents like SPLIT, MERGE, REMOVE, EXTRACT, APPEND, ARRANGE and so on. They even allow splitting the large PDF files; merge the multiple files of the PDF documents, remove or delete unnecessary pages and extract necessary pages from document. The PDF document saves the password in a protected or in the plain document format so that it eventually saves the valuable time that you have invested in securing the documents in the PDF. Prefixes and Suffixes are found with resultant file name and so on. The merging of the multiple PDFs and the splitting of the files all are available in one go. This is an effortless tool that is effective in using PDF tool for splitting as well as the merging purpose. The specialized splitter personality can be used by marking page numbers and also the page ranges. The entire software is straightforward to use and therefore basic, rapid utilization is done for the PDF splitting and merging.

Attractive user friendly features

The key features of the PDF formatting are enlisted below. The company feels proud to produce these features so that it turns out easy to use for the customers and also the regular users who use it. They are as follows:

  • Changing the page sequences and their format of order.
  • Combine PDF files in an order that is set by the user on the overview.
  • Supports the batch files of PDF documents.
  • Delete or rather remove the multiple PDF pages.
  • The entire system is very attractive and user friendly to every user who uses it.
  • Splitting and merging of the file is available in a single click.
  • The password protected PDF document is supported.
  • The PDF Splitter and merger can be used to burst and merger the PDF files.
  • Combining the PDF files to another is done by appending software.
  • Add Prefix and suffix to the resultant file name and so on.

The software can be downloaded through online. This is highly exclusive and much easy enough to use and strategize. The visual modules are not yet implemented therefore this version is tested.