License Details

There are several licenses are available in market but here we cover most commonly used license types for our software licenses. Below we define our software license type in details. Please read this carefully to understand the license type before placing the order.

  • Single License:
    It is used to install in one PC only. It is basically used by home users or any single person in industry.
  • Business License:
    It is a multiuser license and used in upto 5 PCs. It mostly covers small industry having limited number of employees.
  • Site License:
    It is used for unlimited number of installation in several PCs but in one site location. It covers big industry but for single site location.
  • Corporate License:
    It is also used in unlimited number of PCs but there is no restriction for site location. You may use it on several locations but in same industry. It covers large industry having several branches globally.