Image Watermark Software

Image watermark Creator: the images redefined

The Image watermark Creator is professional software which is used to provide a professional outlook as well as the protection to the original solutions and so on. The digital quality pictures are well organized as the software allows you to put the digital watermarks such as the texts, image, logo and so on. The photos and the image watermark software basically sustain the processing of the batches that are stamped on with multiple pictures just on a single click. The transparent watermark comes with an opacity option and is put with the multiple watermarks on any position and so on. The position can be left, right, top, bottom, middle and center and at times diagonal. The resizing of the images is done as per your need, set font style, type, color, size, etc. The width and the height with constrain proportion helps in the conversion of images and the format. The font style, type, colour and the size etc play an important section in the working of the technicalities of the image watermark software.

The republishing of the web gallery pictures

If someone tries to sell their images and keep them as records of memories then anybody can copy and republish your art at any point of time. Without any authorization the photos on the websites are visible to all the visitors who see it without even your authorization. The Image watermark program also work on the batch image converter so that it can allow you to convert images which are between the most popular formats, resized images and add the text captions to the images keeping intact the watermark on those pictures. The entire procedure is generated on the web gallery of images and pictures which becomes easy and quick at pace.

Required specifications of the application are the most wonderful specifications which make it a wonderful fact to relish while using it into the systems. Adding multiple images and digital watermark to the pictures can make good hold of processing of the digital information in a career signal.

The most striking features of the Image watermark creator
  • It is fast, easy and simple to operate it with the attractive user friendly tone of the GUI.
  • Supportive standalone application with caption editing text on the output image.
  • On a single picture there are multiple watermarks.
  • The previews of the images are available so that you can view them before you post them to the public.
  • Compatibility with the popular Windows operating System available in the cyber world.
  • The drag and drop system is supported by suffix and prefix with the name of the resultant filing.
  • A semi transparent watermark on a single image makes it apt for better usage.
  • The operating systems that it supports are as follows- Windows NT/XP/Vista/2000/2003 Windows 7 and 8.

All these technicalities have made the Image watermark software.