Image to PDF Converter

PDF is one of the most commonly used file formats in the professional world. Converting images to PDF’s is now made easy with this Image to PDF converter software. The security that a PDF file guarantees is not given by other file formats. With information being extremely vulnerable, it becomes important that all our documents including images are protected from cyber crime and theft. The software is here to safeguard your images.

This software is an effective way to convert images into PDF files and save them from any kind of threats. This software is a handy tool to possess and proves to be highly user friendly. You don’t have to undergo a complicated process as this software is easy and simple to follow. All you have to do is select the images to be converted and customize the resultant file. Following is a glimpse of some of its features.

  • It lets you easily drag and drop the images that are to be converted.
  • Customize the resultant file by selecting the required page size, page margin, and the image size.
  • It also allows you to set the PDF Meta properties and Security settings.
  • The page size can be selected according to the requirement from the options like A4, A5 etc.
  • The width and height of the page can also be altered.
  • It comes with two different options that includes, creating one PDF file with all the images selected or individual PDF’s for each image selected.
  • You are also allowed to add a prefix and a suffix name to the resultant PDF file.

This Image to PDF converter supports high resolution images as well. With various image formats like TIFF, JPEG, PNG, WMF, GIF, TGA, PSD and much more, this software is highly reliable. It is a very powerful tool that retains the quality of the pictures and gives you the best outputs. It is capable of converting pictures, scans, stills, graphics, screen shots, drawings, faxes etc into PDF documents. It is stand-alone software capable of running solely without any third party applications being needed to be installed. It is compatible with all the windows platforms like 2003, XP, NT, Vista, 7, and 8.

This tool also comes with a feature that lets you alter and achieve great compression levels without losing the resolution as well as quality of the images. It lets you convert multiple images to PDF at once and thus saves a lot of time and work. Some of the striking features of this software are listed below:

  • Simple Interface: It’s easy to work with and trouble-free interface makes it an extremely reliable and a handy tool to posses.
  • Perform complex operations: This software has additional features that let you to combine, merge, join, turn, and concatenate the images.
  • Encryption support: This tool provides high level encryption support that preserves all the visual elements. It gives you the best quality output.

Now convert a wide array of pictures into PDF documents and secure all your sensitive and confidential information.